Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken, Dinslaken
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Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken, Dinslaken
Book Direct

Book Direct

04 Jan 2019

HOTREC the European Organization of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe has started a Europe wide "Direct Booking" campaign

European Hotels profit from a vast amount of possibilities to organize a stay or trip and to book rooms. The numerous Distribution and Booking Channels have an Advantage and offer more value for guests and hosts alike. The huge number of booking possibilities enrich the choice of the consumer as well as the distribution offers of the hosts. With the now started campaign underlines the industry that the link for direct contact between guest and host as well as Direct Booking have outstanding advantages for both sides.

With "Direct Booking" the guest has an immediate contact to the host and all questions and personal requests can be dealt with direct, confidential and efficient and answered accordingly. The direct contact strengthens like everywhere in life the trust and relationship between the guest and the host.

A direct contact enables guests to receive relevant information out of first hand i.e. regarding availabilities, special requests, and special offers and conditions.

Direct Booking is available in many ways. The different contact and booking possibilities can be found the easiest on the own Websites of the hosts. So every guest can choose a comfortable way to take a booking, be it via Phone, Email or a Booking Tool on the hotel website or personal direct at Reception.

Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken
Bahnhofsplatz 9,
46535 Dinslaken
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